Food has never been so easy to access, and there has never been so much food as we experience today. However, the way we consume our food has been criticised in many different ways, and for many different reasons. Therefore, designers are challenged to come up with ideas and designs that will help us to create a healthier and more sustainable food industry.

What is the future of food going to be? Will there still be enough food for everyone? And will it actually be equally divided? Will our food come out of 3D-printers? Will we leave plastic and eat using edible cutlery? Will we need to become vegan? In what way will insects be implemented in our diet? What percentage of our food will still be wasted? These questions are examples of the starting point for our creatives.

FUTURE FOOD explores what our food culture might look like in the year 2200. We challenge the designers to explore this concept through the aspects of food, performance, experience, installation and design, which will result in a seven-day interactive exhibition in July 2018. We encourage the designers to involve the audience in their projects by tasting and perhaps also making and preparing of food.

The target audience for our exhibition are tourists and design enthusiasts. We are aiming to create awareness and insight into the possibilities and dangers of the future food industry with the audience. This will be achieved by showing the different views of different creative, which will lead to different responses and opinions of the audience concerning the future of food.